Hemofarm - new digital presence.

The new digital presence for the Serbian pharma leader was an interesting challenge since its founding brand principles are care, quality, trust and availability - they are the health brand every household in Serbia has. It is a big pharmaceutical company with a warm and human approach and message.

The Serbian leader in pharmaceuticals - the care in the healthcare.

Together with the company presence, the Hemofarm Foundation has, for its 24 years of activity, realized 1.850 activities worth over 11 million euros.

  • Year:
  • 2015
  • Type:
  • Corporate company portal
  • Capabilities:
  • Product Development
  • Experience Design
  • Development
  • CMS
  • Visual Design
  • Search & Social
  • Product & Project Management
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The 3 major digital pillars - and challenges.

Presenting the corporate Hemofarm along with a dynamic portfolio of products that is constantly being innovated. Also, the company is a local hero - Hemofarm Foundation has done many activities in the fields of education, family health and sports in Serbia. All of these needed to be presented with warm but professional Hemofarm brand content and clear and logical flow for the user.

Hemofarm portal preview

Hemofarm unified digital expirience.

The strategy was to make the modern, unified digital experience for 3 main pillars of the Hemofarm brand. The goal was to present, equally strongly, the corporate and sustainability commitment, Hemofarm products and their constant dedication and involvement in improvements in healthcare in Serbia. 
All of this needed to be done in accordance with the very strict legal rules for pharma and OTC (Over The Counter) product representations.

Hemofarm portal mobile preview

How do you show care and healthcare in 3 different portals? 

For the Hemofarm corporate digital experience the website was made for customers, partners, future employees and press. The information about the management, the business operations, product portfolio, CSR, media and open positions was made easily accessible. Connected directly with the Hemofarm social media presence for the fully integrated communication, the portal was also made available in 3 languages: Serbian, English and German.

Hemofarm layout preview

For the Hemofarm Foundation, the activities and the results were the main focus. Also, the website provides all the necessary information and the important invitation to join some of the active social activities, such as a widely successful organ donation project. The social media integration played an important part as well as two languages in which the website is available: Serbian and English.
Six different product websites were created for the most popular Hemofarm products: Midol, Lekovito Carstvo, Bronhoklir Syrups, Magnetrans, Vuka Vuka, Snup, Febricet.

Their design and user experience was unified in structure, but made to be recognizable, easy and with many useful information and advice. On each website the user could get answers to the burning questions about the health issue and about the best ways how to solve it.

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