This must be the place.

We are into creating more knowledge and experience, not titles. The structure here is merit-based and we got an inner value meter for doing our best work. We would like to welcome your passion and your expertise to the playground.

Agile minds.

Being agile keeps us adaptable – our organization as well as our thinking are wired dynamically. This flexibility is what keeps us confident and primed for any challenges as they arise.

Sharing is better.

Open culture of sharing and exchanging experiences builds up the cumulative knowledge base so that our approach can take better, sometimes unexpected turns. Nobody is entitled and everyone’s voice is heard.

Creativity as a method.

The playground state of mind is what makes sure we rarely get stuck in one frame of thinking. Every project, or the part of the project is a chance to create new associations and connections. Flexibility is how we approach one another and the work we do.

Right stuff at the right time.

Software building taught us that organization is the good mother to the great deployment. What is not organized, cannot be measured and/or anticipated. Great ideas come from structured approaches.

Always learning.

Answers are often discovered during the process of creating, and these sometimes require us to pivot. When you are dedicated to learning, each hiatus becomes a valuable piece of knowledge. Working in the team of learners is a most nurturing environment for all.

Passionate about the process and the outcome.

Being in the team with people who you professionally admire is truly inspiring. When the entire team is crazy-dedicated to doing their best work, the outcome becomes more than just a sum of its parts. We strive to do work that makes us all proud.

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