Building a personal digital space for cable users.

Through the journey of SBB digital transformation, we took on a challenge of creating a fully personalized experience for SBB customers. Following the corporate website launch, the development of the self care portal and mobile app were the next logical step.

The comfortable engagement and loyalty.

The new SBB self care portal provides relevant personalized info about services usage and encourages continuous customer's’ engagement with SBB brand and special offers.

Creating the comfortable space for existing and new users of SBB services which is highly personalized and specialized would serve all customer’s needs for SBB services.
The name: Moj SBB (My SBB) underlines its primary focus.

At the moment of creating it, SBB already had the web self care portal with basic functionalities. We stepped into process of modernization and implementation of new features..

  • Year:
  • 2016
  • Type:
  • Telco&Cable Operator
  • Services:
  • eCommerce
  • CMS
  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Product Development
  • UX/UI
  • Visual Design
  • Data & Insights
  • Product & Project Management
SBB email account previews

Customer journey to self care.

SBB corporate website and Moj SBB self care portal are closely interconnected and customer’s journey starts with engaging communication of self care usage benefits on website. Website visitors are oriented to self care portal from multiple places on website.

The customers had a few paths that could lead them to self care portal on SBB corporate website:

  1. Homepage
  2. Homepage of the Customer Support section
  3. Dedicated self-care portal and app page on website’s main navigation
  4. Specific places on internal website pages

The possibility to login to selfcare through the website was also made available.

Moj SBB tablet screens

Learning about the customer.

The personalized experience requires deep knowledge about each customer. We integrated with SBB core systems for gathering relevant user information to help shape the best service for each of them.

Since the personal information about customer and key information about services he/she consumes are the data we deal with, we implemented high security methods to avoid malicious exposure.

Each step of the registration was explained and for the same security reasons, we did not provide registration options through social networks and only one email address per service was allowed.

Moj SBB log in page

How the structure and UX help the business and the customer.

Services overview

Have you heard of fact that many consumers of cable services in the world are not sure about the name of package they consume and about its specification? User has an overview of services/packages he/she consumes. Each service has its own preview and user can see its specification.

Spendings overview

Customer has an overview of his/her spendings per service (e.g. number of minutes spent for free landline calls) and history of incoming/outgoing calls he/she made. Also, if user consumes VOD content, he/she can view VOD history per month.

Moj SBB app screens

Bills overview

Customer can view current debt for services, download bills for last six months and to download payment receipt.

Addons activation

We enabled automatic activation of service addons so users can easily add new tv channels to their tv schema, speed up their internet connection or buy additional minutes for calls.

Origami icons

Additional services management

SBB provides its users with free usage of three OTT(over-the-top) services: D3GO(SBB TV on all devices), UNIFI (free wi-fi network with more than 500k hot-spots in Serbia and region) and UNIFON (fixed network on mobile device). We enabled activation and management usage of this services on Moj SBB portal. Users can also connect or disconnect devices for each of OTT services. Besides those three services, users can activate HBO GO service on their self care account.

Equipment management

Each SBB user is equipped with relevant tv and internet equipment. At self care portal, users can manage their devices - reset device, change pin code etc.


Users can set prefered settings regard email accounts, advanced telephony functions (e.g. speed dial, calls redirection..) etc.

Moj SBB data analysis