One place for all of the customer needs.

Telemach Slovenia is a part of United Group (UG) and is one of the leading telco&cable operators in Slovenia. They are the only in the group providing all four services: TV, internet, fixed telephony and mobile, so the customers have variety of needs and questions. The premium customer care service was never a question, the thing that needed to happen is its digital upgrade.

Self care makes it easier.

The primary goal of self care portal is to provide relevant personalized information about services usage and to encourage continuous customer's’ engagement with Telemach brand and special offers. We wanted to create comfortable space for existing users of Telemach services which is highly personalized and different from the content for other audiences.

Together with Telemach teams we went through several phases on both sides to deliver a self care solution that exists today. Telemach upgraded its internal systems and Wireless Media followed this technical transformation as a partner in the UGs digital transformation.

  • Year:
  • 2015-2017
  • Type:
  • Telco&Cable Operator
  • Services:
  • eCommerce
  • CMS
  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Product Development
  • UX/UI
  • Visual Design
  • Data & Insights
  • Product & Project Management
Telemach Self care on all devices

Customer journey to self care portal.

Telemach corporate website and Moj Telemach self care portal are closely interconnected and customer’s journey starts with extensive communication of self care usage benefits on website. Website visitors are funneled to self care portal from multiple places on website.

The self care portal was emphasized on Telemach corporate website on the:

  1. Homepage
  2. Homepage of the Customer Support section
  3. Dedicated self-care portal and app page on website’s main navigation
  4. Internal website pages

Besides showing the self care usage benefits on the corporate website, we implemented the possibility to login to self care through a website. 

Telemach portal device preview

Registration for personalized experience.

Telemach Slovenia has to enable both customers of home and mobile services to register and use self care portal. As those services entail separated contracts, it means that one customer can have more than one contract for Telemach services. Specifically for Telemach Slovenia, we introduced a new concept and developed a new system linking contracts. There was also apossibility for users to merge all their Telemach services and manage them in one place - their self care account.

We enabled two different registration processes depending on service customer wants to register first - home or mobile service. Home registration process is characteristic for telco/cable providers’ services. Since it is not commonly used in software applications, we created custom explanation fo each specific field.

On the other hand, mobile registration process is based on user authentication by OTP code delivered via SMS to mobile number. For highest security, we did not provide registration with any of social network accounts and we allowed registration for only one email address per service.

Moj Telemach log in page

How we made it work and how we secured it.

The self care solution is based on two main pillars - on Wireless Media Origami platform and on integration with client’s internal systems that provided us with all personal information about customers.
We do not store any customer info - we only read it for the purpose of the platform functioning. Origami platform implemented for Telemach corporate website also feeds the self care portal and mobile applications with informational and promo content about services. In that way, we enabled one content ingestion for multiple usages across all portals.

We developed full mobile-responsive web portal and the mobile apps for iOS and Android operating systems.

The UX designers applied the latest in design and experience to make the web portal and mobile apps as intuitive and customer friendly as possible. 

Moj Telemach app self care

The self care portal featured.

Services overview and all services in one place

A customer has a clear list of the services they are currrently using and they can link all their contracts to their self care account. Also, they can merge few accounts into one and manage all their services in one place.

Spendings and bills overview.

Customer has an overview of his/her spendings per service (e.g. number of minutes spent for free landline calls) and history of incoming/outgoing calls he/she made. Also, if user consumes VOD content, he/she can view VOD history per month. In case of mobile services, customer can overview spendings of each resource (calls, messages, data etc.) Current debt for services, download bills for last six months and to download payment receipt were also included, as well as the option for activating the email based e-bill.

Addons and additional services.

We enabled automatic activation and management usage of service addons and three OTT(over-the-top) services. Besides those three services, users can activate premium services via the self care portal.

Origami icons

And for Telemach, the new portal bettered their business.

The important data tool.

Merging contracts in one place personally by customer leads to full customer data profile. In this way, Telemach can cater special offers and loyalty programs for the customers.

Modern communication channel.

On its path to full digital transformation, Telemach now has the fully personalized communication tool for the existing customers.

Special offers and promotions.

As self care portal is a space for Telemach users, it is a great place for special offers. Registered users are served with relevant special/promo offers according to services they use. We triggered transfer from push to pull marketing by enabling non-intrusive communication with customers who see promo offers in an appropriate moment and in a proper way.

Relieved Customer Support phone line and revenue from activated addons.

Self care portal provides answer for numerous FAQs that were asked before self care portal launch.
Number of activated addons in new self care portal increased significantly.

User identification on Telemach website.

We connected Telemach corporate website and self care portal and enabled user authentication on website. This provided possibility for existing customers to upgrade their contracts or buy new services on website, but as logged in users. In this way, Telemach has relevant info about logged customer and can offer him/her with relevant upsell promotion or discount.

Moj Telemach data analysis

Continuous improvement at work.

We apply the concepts of continuous improvement to all our projects and it considers our full-time involvement in the entire product/project lifecycle. In the case of United Group, each phase is a project for a new country. The first phase was Moj SBB portal, the second one is Moj Telemach (Slovenia) portal etc. We learn and improve through each phase and each project. All country websites and self care portals have the same or similar features that are locally adapted. Besides features, the same user experience is fostered across countries and portals. However, each one has the learning implemented as betterments in logic, user experience of overall digital experience.