United Cloud.

Content now and on every device. We are witnessing the fundamental change in the way the content is consumed. The users are getting ever more creative and their needs have to be met - the connected consumer asks for the multimedia content to be readily accessible, at all times, on all devices. We were up for a major challenge!

Ready-available multimedia.

Creating the web experience for United Cloud that will present the product as an easily accessible and secure multimedia provider and that will show to the providers and broadcasters the platform’s advanced and innovative technical and UX aspects.

Multimedia provider represented with a smooth multimedia web presence.

Let’s not just show but immerse customers and clients into the rich multimedia web presentation! Similar to the web, multimedia in broadcasting asks for good and stable provider, so the stability was secured by the United Group whose member United Cloud is. Website navigation and the simple UX reflected the swiftness and smart design of the product’s UX.

United Cloud is a technologically advanced but a young company, so the primary goal was to present the new service, currently unique at the market, but supported by the strength of the United Group. Next, the vision was to use the digital communication to help establish the United Cloud as the leader in the field.

  • Year:
  • 2015
  • Type:
  • TV service platform portal
  • Capabilities:
  • Product Development
  • Experience Design
  • Development
  • CMS
  • Visual Design
  • Product & Project Management
United Cloud iPhone app

Real life entertainment provided by the stable technical background.

Aside from the homepage showing the main benefits of the United Cloud, the pages presenting the Cloud services and information for the broadcasters had the same immersive flow, guiding you with content and visuals to the simple presentation of United Cloud services and technical information.

The application of visuals showing people in real life situations took away the usual coldness of technology. This content decision came from the strategy to position UC clearly as a brand that is there for the people to enjoy and enrich their life with.

United Cloud devices

Content is the context.

The idea was to create a modern website, with video content seamlessly being a part of the textual content and vice versa. The visual and textual content were created to be in a dynamic relationship, enriching one another. The multimedia logic was implemented in the UX of the website.

UC website displays the needs of the distributors and users- mobility, rich video content, simple UX that provides access to important information. Aesthetically impressive, quick and functional it was made to reflect the exact attributes of the UC service, its user friendliness and reliability. The flow was made intuitive and it guided the user to the UC business model, and the premium design of the frontend used the web language to show the innovative technologies that are at the core of the UC. 

This kind of a digital experience made the clear distinction from the competition in the field.

United Cloud application screens


The HTML5 was chosen as the technology that can best showcase the amount of animations, transitions and video and be steadily connected with the client’s backend systems.The website was done in both desktop and mobile-friendly version.

United Cloud laptop preview

Attracting top talent.

The first goal of the young company was: attracting top talent. The LinkedIn strategy combined with the content strategy and quality UX resulted in 500 job application for very specific jobs in tech and multimedia. The website is used as the important part of the investment deck and presentation material.

United Cloud data analysis


Second place for the best micro-site at IAB MIXX Awards in Belgrade in 2017. IAB MIXX Conference Serbia 2016 licensed edition of one of the most important global conferences on digital media, marketing, and digital business models. This prestigious conference was held in Serbia for the first time and was dedicated to the use of technology and innovation in marketing, digital economy and advanced methods of digital advertising.