Different kind of news portal.

N1info is one of region's the most influential news channels and portals which launched in 2014 and quickly become the leading source of news and information.

“Balkan CNN”.

TV channel N1 is the exclusive regional partner of CNN that broadcast news from the three biggest info centres in Belgrade, Sarajevo and Zagreb.

As it is focused on the audiences of the three countries in which it is headquartered, it has three separate editorial policies, separate reporters, TV studios as well as internet and mobile platforms. In cases where news overlap, information is presented jointly.

News portal for the digital society.

N1info was to be a completely original take on news coverage. From the content strategy to the cadence, to the visual presentation of long-form, short-form and video content - everything would be different.

In our define phase, we worked with the client to ensure we were identifying the core audience attributes that aligned with the new brand. Additionally, we wanted to make an experience that was differentiated from the competition and was delightful to use.

We started with the journalism. We embedded ourselves in the newsroom to better understand how N1info operates; what types of stories are written (breaking news, longform, photo journalism, etc.); how stories break and build; what tools are needed, given the depth and breadth of multimedia content being produced; how conversations are best sparked. We dug into everything.

We had only 75 days for conceptualizing, designing, and developing the portal from scratch.

  • Year:
  • 2014
  • Type:
  • Media portal
  • Capabilities:
  • Product Development
  • Experience Design
  • Development
  • CMS
  • Visual Design
  • Product & Project Management
N1 portal mobile preview

Flexible news packages.

The homepage and all section fronts were designed in a flexible format to accommodate the ever-changing flow of news. No page looks like a static template, and content can be promoted in ways that reinforce its value. In other words, the visual treatment of the story matches its editorial importance.

Each article page is an ecosystem, bringing stories to life with related video, photos and story links embedded within, as well as slide-out panels to offer further content discovery and commenting. The design recognizes how readers search for news by treating article pages as entry points as valuable as the homepage.

"News presentation was built on a design system that gave the editorial team enormous flexibility to publish and package any type of content."

 We took great care to ensure flexibility on both the homepage and article pages to allow reporters to package up content in ways that would be useful to readers. On the article page, for instance, we accounted for all types of content formats – long-form pieces, feature stories, in-depth reporting, quick news bites.

Bringing the site's social integration full-circle, we built in the ability to share not only whole articles, but also individual elements of a story. Visitors can share “micro-content” - interesting quotes, images, or videos.

N1 portal on devices

Cross-media integration.

As a modern publisher with a core in television, N1info placed a heavy emphasis on video and cross-media storytelling. We worked together to map the daily programming cycle of main talk shows into the content experience, with summaries and catch-ups in the morning, and pre-show builds in the afternoon. Additionally, users would be able to watch the show live on the site, everyday.

The flexible and modular system we created empowered the editorial team to map out their storytelling and daily news coverage around the TV’s linear programming cycle.

N1 mobile app preview

Solution architecture concept based on content aggregation.

The website was developed on top of the Wireless Media main technology platform, Origami CMS. Both mobile applications (iOS and Android) were natively developed, and integrated with Origami and additional 3rd party services.

Three web & mobile portals are fully independent, standalone portals with automated content exchange. Article workflow is independently enforced within each portal (i.e. article created and published in one country is automatically exported to other two countries but the approval process, if any, and publishing need to be repeated for every country).

Also, one mobile application per platform displays content from all three portals, based on the user's country selection (i.e. push notifications for articles published in one country will be displayed only to mobile app users who selected that country as the news source).

N1 layout preview

The latest, accurate and independent news.

Praised for its “bold” and “excellent” editorial policy and beautiful site design that was recognized for its simplicity in reading experience, the new site immediately drew attention in media, business and political circles.

N1 data analysis