A destination for stories that move your world

Mondo was the first wap portal in Serbia. Mondo was the digital place with the smiley face, a steady audience and always recognisable headlines. Mondo was solid. But times moved on, competition became fierce, and we decided that Mondo had more than ‘solid’ to offer - that it was time it found a new edge… Or rather just the right way to show the edge it’s always had.

The Challenge:
Become New & Stay True.

To one’s self. And there are few challenges tougher than that one. So we did what we do best - we Imagined How.

And the Answer Was a Story.

A story about stories, and the ways they help us understand, cope, live and find meaning; the way they shape things; the way they are at the heart of every, and any, true journalistic endeavour.

  1. Because history happens in stories. So do politics. Or economics. Or culture. Or love.
  2. We converse in stories.
  3. People are stories.
  • Year:
  • 2018
  • Type:
  • News Portal
  • Services:
  • Content creation
  • User experience
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Product & project management

We Found the Beating Heart of a Storyteller Within the Mondo Brand.

It’s always been there, we just placed it front and centre.

And then we defined the kinds of stories we did, and would, tell - the dynamic, heart-in-your-throat, human, emotional narratives. The important stories. The stories that turn lives around. The small stories, but oh how they make you react!

The stories that make you laugh, cry, wonder, stand up. The fun stories.

  1. The personal stories.
  2. And everyone’s stories.

The Stories that Move Your World.

There. That, there, would be our slogan, our single sentence, the one thing that describes us best - Mondo tells stories that move your world - with movement being the key.

Dynamic, able to not just keep up with the times, but to lead, too.

You see, since we live in the digital society, everything is mutable, everything is dynamic so it can keep up. And so is our slogan, in its many variations of always a single element -

Stories / people, games, sports, politics, events, songs… that move your world. Stories that move / shake, change, colour, fill, stop, turn… your world. Stories that move your world / people, discussions, Europe, Banja Luka, Podgorica, Belgrade…

And then we went further.
And we Imagined How it would be -

If Our Brand, Itself, Was a Story?

If we looked into the very core of things, at the source where stories were born, at the touchpoints where they reached the audience; if we disassembled them and looked for symbols, the few symbols that were left when we took everything else away -

We’d find it.

The Paragraph.

So clear. So obvious. So telling of stories, and telling a story in itself.

The new visual identity of Mondo is simple, yet devilishly smart, as in time it would make you wonder, whenever you see it, anywhere - whether it’s Mondo there, telling you yet another story.

It is designed to be its own, fun and dynamic, changeable and interchangeable, made of elements that dance and move whilst remaining the building block of any story - a humble, magnificent paragraph.

The Social Stories.

Together with the new brand, we launched the new social formats. We are currently telling video stories, short and long, we are unpacking products and running with runners, we are creating Mondo Originals about legendary food, drink, weapons and cars, we are animating premium content, drawing punchy illustrations…

We are taking over your feeds, one at a time. And we’re not done yet. Not even close.

So stay tuned. The best is yet to come.