Your WiFi is allways with you. UNIFI service allows the customers of the UG network to use WiFi network for free on more than 500 000 locations in the region. Through the specific UNIFI Travel service, one can use WiFi globally on more than 60 million locations worldwide.

To understand and use UNIFI easily.

UNIFI is a great customer-benefits oriented service, especially when combined with UNIFI Travel. However, it is available through certain bundles. The challenge was twofold: to structure and develop an application with a great user experience and to communicate it attractively and clearly, on all devices.

The benefits that are too hard to hide.

The product is the real star here as it hits the on-the go population and lets you be online almost whenever you desire. The strategy for the web and app’s UX and workflow was to make it as practical and attractive as the service itself is.

  • Year:
  • 2017
  • Type:
  • OTT
  • Services:
  • CMS
  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Product Development
  • UX/UI
  • Visual Design
  • Product & Project Management

UNIFI Travel app internet connection

The product gave us the worthy challenges.

The product features the interactive hotspots map that needed to be optimized in such a way not to be a burden to any of the mobile devices (even the ones that are not the last models). Together with this online presentation fully developed and implemented by WM, the similar optimization was done for the offline presentation of hotspots.

Certain bundle users had the UNIFI Travel available and it needed to be clearly presented to them, as well as to iOS users that had a different path of using the service, so the specific storytelling was developed for both audiences.

New services - New UX for the UNIFI travel.

UNIFI Travel is the new service being added into the existing one, so it gave us an opportunity to revise and improve the UNIFI online concept and structure. The new service, given its potential and benefits for the customers was given a total makeover - a new concept and UX.

Application as well as presentation.

UNIFI application was developed for iOS and Android operating systems for all mobile devices.

The UNIFI services fully-responsive webpage was done to simply and attractively communicate the benefits and calls to action for the service.

Close collaboration makes all the difference.

Numerous calls and meetings with SBB product managers and IT teams were conducted to fully understand the product and deliver the best solution. Teamwork, continuous improvement and scrum methodology brought us to a delivery of another great digital product.