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NetTV Plus is the leading IPTV platform for all users from EX-YU diaspora, whether they are originating from Serbia, Croatia or Bosnia and Herzegovina. A world class content provider which helps its users feel close to home, while enjoying a high quality of service, needed an upgrade of its portal in order to keep up with the ever changing digital features.

The path to great experience is paved with optimization.

Being on the market since 2008. NetTV Plus has managed to firmly place itself as the main choice when it comes to "watch TV over internet" service, especially for users from EX-YU diaspora.
From innovative services based on most up-to-date technologies, to new tech solutions and practical services that are constantly being developed, NetTV Plus is the best multi-device TV experience for these, specific individuals.

They can easily access their favourite EX-YU channels, whenever and wherever they desire, but we realised that in order to make their NetTV Plus experience as stress-less and enjoyable as possible, the services they use had to be optimized and in line with the latest solutions available.

As we started working on this project, we knew that our main goal was to get the users to sign-up for the free trial option, which will later make it much easier for them to become paid subscribers.

That is why some of the key components had to be completely restructured and rethought. We took on the challenge of optimizing:

  1. Promo part of the portal
  2. Subscription process
  3. Self care portal

All in all, we challenged ourselves and our client to modernize and automatize the way services are offered, as well as the way they are presented.

  • Year:
  • 2017
  • Type:
  • OTT
  • Capabilities:
  • eCommerce
  • CMS
  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Product Development
  • UX/UI, Visual Design
  • Data&Insights
  • Product & Project Management

Together, we transform challenges into optimization goals.

Relevant content is a must, but before that, one must have the infrastructure to support it, so the challenges faced were actually strategic marks we needed to hit, to make sure our client is using the utmost of its technical abilities.

First, it was necessary to align the new business strategies with the development direction of the new digital presence, and this is where we needed our client’s help and collaboration to succeed. Some changes in the client’s business model were necessary and came primarily in the way in which NetTV Plus presents itself and its services to new and existing customers in the digital space.

Next up was to help translate the existing, generally not so technically competent users, onto the new services offer system. We also made it our mission to educate our client for the digital epoch, and to convince them to accept more serious changes in the way they think digitally.
All of the processes that were previously done manually, together, we automatised, and developed web services for the new functionalities. Last but not least, we adapted the WM Origami platform in order to give this new type of business a strong and stable support system.

Changes have to start at the top.

Changes planned for NetTV Plus web portal were decided through interviews with stakeholders and best practice research, and had to be accepted on client’s managing level.

This way, we all knew what the main goals of the portal were:

  1. Clear product and service presentation to potential customers
  2. Transparent and intuitive sales for potential customers
  3. Easy access to all the information the customer might need, through our customer support section
  4. Increasing the usage of Moj NetTV self care portal through increased customer registration
  5. Make the subscription process as intuitive and easy to use as possible

We developed a new feature available through our Origami platform which allows us to show relevant content to our visitors based on their current location.

The most important conversation of this whole undertaking was to communicate to our potential users that NetTV Plus offers an opportunity to start a free trial period after which one can convert to a full service subscription.

Subscription scenarios.

NetTV Plus offers two subscription scenarios for users to choose from, with free trial of full NetTV Plus service being available for limited period of time, as an incentive to switch to full subscription, while paid subscription represents the core offer and provides the users with full NetTV Plus service.

Security measures during subscription process.

In order to exclude all chances of malicious usage, we utilized security measures like credit card or mobile phone number verification, which once verified both get a different duration of free trial period of full NetTV Plus service. For those interested in free trial who don’t want to leave their information in a form of client’s back office request, there is an “offline” option available for them in order to claim their free trial.

Services usage location.

Subscriber location is one of the utmost important information for this process, since it determines which services will be available for that particular NetTV Plus user.

Pricing and service availability depends on the region for which one wishes to be subscribed, so we made sure the validation of the IP address is also one of the first lines of security measures.

Moj NetTV - full control over all NetTV Plus services.

Self care portal aggregates all the different types of services intended for NetTV Plus subscribers. Subscriber can find them all in one place and under uniform UI, which makes them easily available and manageable with only one subscriber account.

In order to empower our subscribes in using the self care portal, we made sure that all existing subscribers are always redirected to it, when trying to manage their services.

As per usual, NetTV Plus self care portal is developed with best current UI and UX practices in mind, and due to responsive design it makes our subscribers experience as seamless as possible on any popular platform.


The list of goals we knew the new NetTV Plus self care portal had to meet:

  1. To be a one stop area for subscribers to get informed about their services, as well as to provide them with managing tools
  2. To promote the current offer of services to existing customers (cross sell and upsell)
  3. To decrease the number of requests for NetTV Plus sales and customer support teams

User-centric methodology for agile response to changes.

User-centric approach to developing self care meant keeping subscriber front and center, before the technology. In order to provide this seamless experience we needed to pull as much subscriber data from our clients systems as we could and, in line with existing possibilities and regulations, we made it possible for the subscriber to manage his/her information. Each change done in the system or by subscriber, is automatically synced and communicated to the subscriber.

Functionalities and services that work for the user.

Registration flow.

Registration process has been adjusted in order to separate new, from subscribers registered to an old system (legacy users), while still providing any legacy users to connect their old account with the new system, while all their existing services remain intact.

Subscription management - One place for all that our user needs.

The most important section of a self care portal is the subscription management. This is where NetTV Plus subscriber has insight and control over the services he uses, can see detailed information about his/hers plan status and upgrade possibilities, payment period, information regarding devices on which the services are utilized and all other actions that affect core services.

This section is a single stop for NetTV Plus users to manage all the important information regarding their accounts, services they use, and suggestions for what can be further upgraded.

Bills overview.

Subscriber can view the history of all subscription payments in chronological order or the other way around, with each new payment added to the list as a new item.

Parental supervision.

Subscribers who want to have supervision over what their kids are watching, can do so by putting a PIN protection code to any of the devices individually. Once the parental control is set, all mature channels are only available for viewing with a PIN code, preventing the young ones from watching the content that might be unfit for them.

Devices management.

In this section the subscriber can manage the status on all their currently active devices, or remove ones they no longer use.

The results: more subscribers and increased overall satisfaction.

Our client was satisfied with work that was done, and the results corroborated that, as we managed to:

  1. Increase the number of successfully finished subscriptions through the webshop
  2. Lower the existing dropout rate
  3. Minimise the work that used to go through client’s call center where each customer interaction was handled personally
  4. Increase independence of clients product team which controls the product catalogue
  5. Increase independence of clients marketing team in operations regarding presentations, products and services of the company
  6. Improve self care section and allow never-before-seen freedom for complete management of one’s subscription and all of its aspects, without having to contact the call-centre
  7. Increase satisfaction of NetTV Plus users overall