Entertain yourself with SBB.

SBB is one of the leading cable operators in Serbia, offering services to both residential and business customers. With over half a million of users, the full upgrade of the digital presence was a great mission to undertake.

The challenge.

To redefine and upgrade SBB digital presence to reflect the scale and the reliability of the products & services. Showing the possibilities of a brand of such magnitude with a very user friendly interface and flow. Inspiring online sales growth and creating an A-class customer support system.

The strategy.

Working closely with the key stakeholders of each of the SBB’s teams we focused on uncovering universal user needs and objectives. At the core of our strategy was one goal: that sbb.rs had to become the central hub for all digital marketing activity. We defined a set of high level, but measurable guiding principles:

  1. Strengthen brand image by adding human touch to overall communication
  2. Make it clear for the users what is available and what they get for the money
  3. Increase sales of products and service bundles through digital channels
  4. Reduce customer support costs by providing innovative self-service capabilities
  5. Accelerate time-to-market by reducing the time to launch new pages and campaign microsite
  • Year:
  • 2015
  • Type:
  • Cable operator
  • Capabilities:
  • eCommerce
  • CMS
  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Product Development
  • UX/UI
  • Visual Design
  • Data & Insights
  • Product & Project Management
SBB portal previews on devices

The product and the content.

The top priority was to create customer and conversion oriented website with tailored experience to multiple customer considerations and ordering states.
Three main sections of the portal were defined:

  1. The webshop (“Privatni korisnici”)
    With main page types being Promo pages, Product List pages and Product pages,
  2. The selfcare portal (“Moj SBB”) and
  3. The Customer support (“Podrška”).
    And the two important following sections:
  4. The company presentation (“O nama”)
  5. Business users (“Poslovni korisnici”).

We wanted to provide customers with a superior web experience, so we transformed promo pages, product list and checkout into a content rich, attractive web experience. By improving engagement, speed and customer activity, we optimized web experience to improve conversion and performance.

SBB features and offers

The execution.

As part of wider digital strategy we created a new, fully responsive website allowing customers to easily find and order products & services, get support and explore best offers. It featured a stylish responsive interface built to deliver maximum visual impact where the product is always a hero.

For each type of a customer, there was a flow developed:
For the casual browser, the site delivered a high impact visual experience that would inspire them to see the benefits using SBB’s products. For the deeper explorer, the site provided detailed information and tools to help them compare, evaluate and refine choices.ucts & services. 

The simplicity of the UX ensured users on every device and resolution could easily move from high level content through to detailed info.

Our content strategy was to let users navigate from general to more particular products and services, with each pathway encouraging you to discover more. For user questions and issues, the SelfCare portal - the modern customer support created an experience of ease and speed when satisfying customer needs.

SBB Checkout process

Customized pages.

A custom designed approach that gave SBB’s teams the capability to customize promo pages and product pages.

Promo pages.

Built with promo banners, which allow quick and easy administration and rapid adjustment to changes in promotion and services that are in focus.


Verticaly presented, allowing users easy comparison of prices and package deals.


 Simplified with a clear header and navigation bar. The improved UI helped SBB to simplify the ordering journey for their customers.

Moj SBB log in screen


To further simplify and shorten the ordering journey, the portal allows customers to overview their order, add or remove items personalizitng their journey through checkout as well.

Footprint check.

Users can easily check the availability of SBB service at their address. By entering basic information about their location, we give users information about which of SBB services are available to them.

Showrooms Locator.

The website leverages user location to automatically find the closest SBB showroom locations.


The robust platform with hundreds of pages needed a stable backend and an impressive frontend. It was built with Wireless Media Origami – our proprietary platform consisting of the Content Studio (CMS) and the e-Commerce solution. We enabled SBB’s product & marketing teams to fully manage offers, deals and content as they emerge – from creation to final approval to publishing on the live website. It allowed for the digital experience with content rich interface to work seamlessly across multiple devices.

SBB layout previews


Applying the concept of “continuous improvement” we were able to scale and deliver such a big project on time. Scrum methodology, active cooperation with client, strong involvement of product managers and product owners and fully planned sprints for developers kept the project in right focus. Quality Assurance Engineers played one of key roles in this project providing reviews promptly.
Data analysts and SEO experts made plans and kept track of user flows and alarm in case of strange behavior patterns.

SBB data analysis


First prize for the corporate website at iab MIXX awards, Belgrade, December 2016. IAB MIXX Conference Serbia 2016 licensed edition of one of the most important global conferences on digital media, marketing, and digital business models. This prestigious conference was held in Serbia for the first time and was dedicated to the use of technology and innovation in marketing, digital economy and advanced methods of digital advertising.