Digital tv experience over the satellite.

Total TV is one of the leading satellite TV providers serving the audience in the Balkan region with the region-specific combination of TV, landline and ADSL services. As well as Telemach Slovenia, Telemach Montenegro, Telemach B&H and SBB Serbia, it is a member of the United Group covering Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and EU region.

Continuous improvement.

The idea was to apply the proven United Group user experience to Total TV and enable online orders for all Total TV services. Through the continuous improvement, smart sprints and applications of processes applied beforehand in the UG projects, we have set up the portal in short time and launched it quickly.

Having in mind the specific characteristic of Total TV transmission technology - satellite and the predominant locations of the users - rural places which are not covered with cable infrastructure, it had to have deliver a different UX and content than all other UG portals. Interestingly, in the time of the website launch, TotalTV introduced the second generation of HD satellite TV which meant increased quality of signal and more HD channels.

  • Year:
  • 2016
  • Type:
  • Satellite Operator
  • Services:
  • CMS
  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Product Development
  • UX/UI
  • Visual Design
  • Data & Insights
  • Product & Project Management
Total TV home page preview

One portal instead of seven different ones.

There are seven different countries in which TotalTV services are present - different countries mean different languages, product catalogues and promo offers. What were we to do?

Total TV is one brand with unique appearance and brand values across all countries, so we decided to set one portal instead of seven instances.

Now each country has its own subportal inside one Total TV portal. Those are based on specific languages and adjusted to the needs of the specific country.

Total TV portal packages

What we provided TotalTV with.

Clear product catalogue presentation

For the first time, Total TV services were presented as bundle boxes. According to the best practices, it is the most clear and direct way to promote services as a package designed to fit the set of customer’s needs.

Total TV shares the same product catalogue presentation with other UG portals. It is based on vertical overview of packages which simplifies comparison among packages and drives customer’s decision making process.

Total TV on all devices

Online ordering for all Total TV services

At the time of new website launch, only TV services were available for online ordering. Since the client as a member of the team is the prefered methodology, we have developed processes for each service ordering together with the TotalTV team. We have simplified ordering process using data, customer insights and smart technology solutions.

Visual and text working together

As on SBB and Telemach websites, we introduced concept of storytelling on TotalTV website. We carefully created user flows and supported content concept with renewed website information architecture. The logic was simple and natural - first the attraction, short valuable information and the option to go into more details: the user’s flow would start on promo pages which would lead them to product list page. On this page they would compare different offers and make decision which product best meets their needs.Then, user is encouraged to proceed to submitting online order.

The promo pages also had the upsell options given the previous interests the users have shown. Given that the selection of attractive TV channels is one of the major purchase drivers, we have emphasized the TV channel variety as an important part on the Total TV portal. They were organized in an understandable and informative way.

Total TV Shows

Improved customer support

Main goals to accomplish were:

  1. Decreasing number of phone calls to TotalTV customer support phone lines in each country
  2. Implementation of intuitive online customer support section that would address all customer's needs.

Collaborating with the TotalTV teams we collected and presented all relevant info that would cover as many customer’s questions regarding services, devices, bills, as possible.

Integration with websites of the UG cable operators (SBB, Telemach SLO, Telemach B&H, Telemach Montenegro)

As satellite TV services are alternative for cable digital TV, we developed a redirection from SBB, Telemach SLO, Telemach B&H and Telemach Montenegro portals whenever the customers would get an info that their location does not support installation of cable TV. Also, we have created the promo page that communicates best of TotalTV services on SBB and Telemach websites in each country. In this way, we have enabled effective user flows between the UG brands.

SBB portal layouts

Methodologies we cling to.

Continuous improvement, learning and deployment

We apply the concepts of “Continuous improvement” to all our projects. It considers our full-time involvement in not only in development and deployment of the portal but also in the entire product lifecycle. We believe that strong digital product understanding and experience in creating them gives us an unprecedented edge in creating great digital experiences.

Development through phases, learning, iterations and deployment across one or more projects gives the agility and speed to the project delivery. In this way, products are getting better and better with each phase.

In the case of United Group, each phase was a project for a new country using software, product, content and UX learning from the previous projects thus improving it on the go. Learn more more about this concept on this link.

Total TV data analysis

Software development methodology

Cooperation with the client, constant involvement of product managers and product owners in the process and fully planned sprints for developers kept the project in right focus. We simultaneously developed website and our platform to support all upcoming challenges in this project. Data analysts and SEO experts are valuable on such project since they keep track of user flows and alarm in case of strange behavior patterns.