These are the stories we live.

These are human and touchable. These are touching and raw. These are at the heart of DOX TV - the 24/7 documentary channel that showcases the best filmmaking talent of the kind. These stories, this channel was our assignment.

But hold on.

DOX TV is no joke.

DOX TV, through the films and documentary series it curates, explores the topics that move and shake the world. It features poetry and bombs, wars and boobs. It allows all kinds of questions - on freedom, on humanity, on the past and the futures we share. On identity, or identities, too.

Speaking of identity - the one that would belong to DOX TV was the first thing we had to solve.

  • Year:
  • 2019
  • Type:
  • TV Channel Ident
  • Services:
  • Creative Concept
  • Branding
  • Visual Design
  • Motion Design
  • Tagline
  • Social Media

Enter stories.

You see, with humanity, there has always been this need to understand - the need to understand one’s self and others, and the very nature of need; the need to understand love and hatred, relationships and greed; the need to understand the road; the need to understand birth; the need to understand death, and purpose, and meaning.

Ever since the first human walked the Earth, there was the wish for context.

This is why, ever since the first human walked the Earth, we learned how to tell stories.

Stories give us structure. Stories provide answers. Stories allow for questions. Not all of them are the same - some are true, raw and deep and so human they hurt.

These are the stories we call documentaries.

Documentaries are facts. They are the truth, or at least a version of the truth. They are reality. They are something without - without makeup, a conscious lie, without fiction.

And at the very heart of a documentary there is a core that ticks -

Champions, revolutionaries, dictators and hookers, the tough guys, the boys who cry, the fans and the haters of everything ever, cooks and lovers and cadavers, the desperate, the on-the-bed-between-the-sheets, the behind-closed-curtains, the ones with sand in their eyes, the ones with hope and the ones with none whatsoever -

All of them. And all of us.

Because, you see, the best documentaries are not the stories about them. They’re about us. The stories we breathe, the stories we walk, the stories we feel.

The stories we live.

This, then, would be our slogan. This would be our truth. And the next step? Let’s tell those stories we live visually, too.

Enter shapes and colours and modern typography.

The shape of a torn movie ticket, since this is the art we’re in.

The nuances of black and white and grey since this is the nature of our stories - the in-your-face, the unaltered versions, the no-nonsense approach and also the dignity, and the sensibility of the best kind of documentary authors.

The vividness of yellow to showcase the drama, the visceral reality of life.

The typography that allows for titles and facts to shine.

The logo that hits in the head, the logo that stands out, the logo that complements the slogan and the stories we live, the logo that’s going to live a life of its own. It’s that strong.

Enter communication. Enter video. Enter posters. Enter the public.

Once we set up the elements of DOX TV’s core identity, the matter of communication came up.

We Imagined How one would create the most striking image video for a channel as dramatic, as real as DOX TV - so we made it.

We Imagined How one would separate the topics the curated films and series explored, how one would find the way to envelop each in their own, separate piece, so we made those pieces. We made them.

We Imagined How it would be for us to work on the documentary movie trailers so why not, we made the templates, we made the trailers.

We Imagined How one would communicate clearly the dates and times of the program, and stay true to the core identity, so we made these, too.

Finally, we Imagined How something as crucial as DOX TV, with all its topics and all its brilliant authors could live on social media, so we opened a few channels, and we began. We made sure the films and their messages stood out. We decided to use the emotions of the characters, the scenes and the quotes, and turn them into posters. We also created numerous, numerous trailers for the featured films and series; we made them. We’re quite proud.

DOX TV lives on.

As long as there’s life, there will be stories.
And we’ll keep on adding new formats and ways to tell them.

Peace out.

Imagine How.