Scrum Master.

Belgrade / Full time

About a Scrum Master in Wireless Media.

Agility is essential, framework is just one of the ways to implement it.

We are looking for a Scrum Master to join our Scrum team which is working on a telco project.

You will have a strong Scrum Master community on your side and be a part of the Product Owner and Scrum Master community of practice. You will be able to strengthen your presentational skills and be in a day-to-day learning environment.

The Scrum Master in our company does not follow the rules blindly. Scrum Master is the one who provokes change and brings new ideas. You will have an influence on the organizational, scrum team, and Scrum Master team’s level.

Wireless Media is a certified SAP Gold Partner. We share SAP CX’s focus on omnichannel customer engagement, so we have built a strategic partnership with SAP in order to support our capabilities and service offerings.

With an interdisciplinary approach, you will be a part of the team that represents a mixture of technology, content, and product specialists working together with SAP consultants, creating a meaningful impact in the world of the connected consumer.

Required experience.

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in the position of a Scrum Master-a or a Service Delivery Manager in and with Agile teams in digital/software development companies
  • Experience in using Scrum and knowledge of XP, Kanban, Scrumban in applying concepts and techniques from Agile approaches
  • in-depth knowledge of communication, group dynamics, and coaching
  • Good technological understanding or technical background

Key competencies.

  • Leaders who lead by example
  • Be an ambassador for continuous improvement and be tenacious in your pursuit of better ways of working
  • Have a thorough grasp of Jira and Confluence and other processes tracking tools
  • Have experience in promoting Agile mindset and managing stakeholders who don’t practice agility in day to day interactions/work

Nice to have.

  • An industry standard Agile qualification
  • Good knowledge of Lean practices
  • Experience/Good practice in improving decision-making processes


  • Facilitating day-to-day work of the team, being the one who coaches the team to remove the bottlenecks and ensure that the team process runs smoothly
  • Implementation of Agile frameworks within the organization (Scrum, Scrumban, Kanban)
  • Causing change that increases the productivity of the team
  • Working closely with the Product Owner and helping both PO and team to understand the need for clear and concise PBIs (DoR, DoD)
  • Work with teams in a matter of creating high-value deliveries
  • Bringing transparency into the light and taking care that it is available for everyone in and outside of the team
  • Training, coaching, supporting, and leading the organization in its Agile culture adoption

Personal qualities and social skills.

  • Excellent organizational skills, communication, and teamwork skills
  • Priority management
  • Orientated to details as well as to big picture
  • Goal-oriented – finishes what has been started
  • Excellent stress management skills
  • Has awareness and history of respecting deadlines
  • History of synergy within different teams
  • Ability to adapt personal communication to different technical knowledge level and to drive team growth through team formation activities and establishment of team’s norms

Should you come work with us you will have.

  • A structured onboarding and orientation process for the first couple of months
  • A mentor and a buddy to make the transition to WM easier
  • The opportunity to work with great people who share the same values
  • The possibility to impact and modify your goals and tracking the growth with people manager
  • Friendly environment and colleagues always eager to help and share their knowledge and experiences
  • Be the one who creates new processes, you may follow the existing principles, but change may come from you
  • The opportunity to explore and implement different Agile frameworks and to use some of the best process tools on the market
  • Professional development, certification, and training (international and local)
  • Modern office in the very heart of Belgrade, but working from home is still an option
  • Time for personal growth in working hours
  • Very dynamic and friendly work environment
  • Private healthcare and family benefits package

What to expect next - Hiring process in WM.

You can expect to go through next stages in selection process:

  • First stage - CV screening.
  • The second stage - Selected candidates will be given an assignment
  • The third stage - Successful candidates will then be invited to an interview with an HR rep and a colleague Agile Coach.
  • Chosen candidate(s) will be contacted with an offer to join our team.
  • All candidates, who applied for the job, will receive feedback after and/or during the selection process regarding their status.

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